Monday, March 7, 2011

Hairdresser Birthday Cake


On March 8 we celebrate the day of working women and, given the nature of this blog and the matters raised, it is worth also addresses the creative and artistic side of women throughout history. It is true that the subordination of women to men and their exclusion and discrimination in access to education and culture, humanity has been deprived of the enjoyment of artistic women for centuries. Today the picture is, fortunately, different, but not always the case. There were always women artists, although they were marginalized and excluded because the sensitivity and the need for communication that underlies all artistic creation, are not masculine or feminine qualities, but human. It is only fair that we pay our special tribute to women in all times and places, fought against the prejudices of his time and the resistance of those opposed to equality because, despite everything, they created works of art. For them and for us all.

The SlideShare presentation that you will find in depth in the field of artistic creativity of women throughout history.


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